Bring in the age-old beauty of solid wood into your home. As there is no other flooring in the world with the warmth and charm of solid wood, we at Sadaya Guild also offer solid Teak Wood flooring available in Indian C.P. or Burma Teak. Our highly seasoned wood is perfect for flooring as there is insignificant warping and shrinking of the wood.

This is flooring that will last for decades while always looking as new as you want it. As it is solid wood, you can just sand it anew every decade.

Tongue & Grooved planks for easy installation over a sub-floor or glued directly onto a concrete base.

Dimensions3/4 inches x 4 inches x 48 inches
Extended19mm x 100 mm x 1,220 mm


We also undertake renovation of your prized old furniture and upholstery projects.

Custom Furniture

Sadaya Guild can also function as your private atelier creating the exact piece your client desires or your plan requires. We have a long tradition of working with Architects to create the perfect pieces of furniture to compliment your projects.