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And though we love wood,
we love trees even more

Welcome to generations of joy and maintenance free utility with our Bench Made furniture using highly seasoned solid hardwoods like Burma and Indian Teak, Rosewood and sea-seasoned Oak.

Our Collections


An Infusion of Style and Serenity

Post War Europe saw the rise of Danes like Hans Wegner, Kai Kristiansen, Niels Otto Moller and Poul Jensen in their search to design the perfect chair. Guided by Modernist principles that emphasised the material and its functional and minimalist use they used the best woods and techniques the world had to offer to make furniture sensible and useful while exploring the unique beauty of tropical hardwoods like Teak and Rosewood.


Art Deco

An Infusion of Style and Serenity

Bombay was one of the great Art Deco cities of the roaring 20s and 30s along with Miami, Shanghai, London and New York. It gave rise to its own unique style of furniture made from using the incredibly good wood and craftsmen India had to offer. It was rich in material and design and married Burma Teak, Indian Rosewood, glass and brass to make its graceful mark in the history of beautifully designed furniture.


Tropical Modern

An Infusion of Style and Serenity

The Brazilians, blessed like India with comparably good hardwoods led the field in designing graceful yet sturdy furniture that retained its modernist soul but was embodied in the gorgeous vivacity of tropical hardwoods. Our Tropical Modern collection is the indeginization of Modern Brazilian Masters like Joaquim Tenreiro, Sergio Rodrigues and Jorge Zalszupin.


Arts and Crafts/Heritage

An Infusion of Style and Serenity

A simple and unadorned style that gives primacy to good craftsmanship and highlights the excellence of the finest raw materials that are insisted upon to make items that last for decades, aging gracefully with minimum maintainance.

Eco friendly

Eco-friendly & Sustianable
furniture from Reclaimed Wood

Each and every tree on Earth is an intractable part of the lung function of this planet and we do not want to take away from what sustains our lives.

So we reclaim premium hardwoods such as Burmese & Indian Teak, American White and Red Oak, Padauk and Rosewood which have been seasoned for decades by the Ocean breeze and the Tropical climate without felling a single tree for timber needs.

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